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Tom Gorman, President
Mr. Gorman was born in 1969 to parents Carolyn and Art Gorman (the companies founder). A Bartlesville native, he graduated from Bartlesville High School and received a business finance degree from Westminster College. After serving as business services manager with Kansas City-based Midland Bank, Mr. Gorman returned to Oklahoma to work for his father at Gorman Management Company. He joined GMC in 1993 and has managed the operation since 1995.   He currently serves as president of the company.

Mr. Gorman currently serves as the Mayor of Bartlesville.  He has served in a number of civic organizations throughout the community including the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, serving as chairman, and various volunteer positions within the community. Mr. Gorman has served on the Bartlesville City Council since 2006.

Denise McPhillips, Vice President
About Gorman Management Co.
Gorman Companies were founded in 1904.  Through four generations of Gorman family operation, encompassing general contracting, architecture, real estate development and property management, the experience, knowledge and reputation as a company has been nurtured and continues to prove itself an invaluable asset. This history has been an inspiration to the newest members of the family business, helping them to nurture the businesses well into the 21st century.

Gorman Management Company was established in 1979 by Art Gorman. Now lead by Tom Gorman as President and Denise McPhillips as Vice-President. Gorman Management Company has properties all over Oklahoma that are dedicated to serving the elderly, mobility impaired and multi-family.
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